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Updated August 20, 2006

 Keeping It Catholic's News Archives pages exist as a documented reference to the "History of the Homeschool Debate." Although the KIC website ceased reporting on the TORCH and NACHE situation by 2001, we still receive emails asking for updates on the unfortunate state of affairs in 1998-1999, which were reported on this website. Throughout the ensuing years, KIC also receives similar questions from those who subscribe to the KIC Email List.

 Since KIC must remain focused on its purpose (sharing with others the Church's doctrine on the Christian Education of Youth and how to apply it in our own "homeschools") - and since KIC had already provided enough documented information for Catholic homeschooling parents to assess the facts for themselves - it was decided to retain the News Archives for those seeking factual background information on the Catholic homeschooling disputes in 1998-1999, which remain unresolved to this day.


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News from the Year of Our Lord, 2000  


Protest Launched Against NACHE


Catholic Homeschoolers of northern Virginia publicly cite reasons why they will be avoiding NACHE conferences and workshops and why they will not subscribe to NACHE's Catholic Home Educator.


NACHE in Atlanta-The Ban Against Seton Continues

NACHE instructs Atlanta conference not to invite Seton.

But what does Fr. Hardon, S.J have to say about it?


Homeschoolers Comment on the Big Issues


Catholic homeschoolers write KIC on a variety of issues, ranging from guidelines, sex ed, TORCH/NACHE and more.

"Sex Ed" Series Publisher Sponsors TORCH Conference  


Why does a Catholic homeschool support group need or want "financial" sponsorship? Our Sunday Visitor, published of the controversial Catholic Vision of Love, sponsored the year 2000 TORCH leadership conference.

The tie-ins appear to be Regnum Christi/TORCH/NACHE members, Fr. Stubna, editor of Catholic Vision of Love, Our Sunday Visitor, Circle Media, and the Legionnaires of Christ.

 -Florida Province Issues Homeschool -Sacramental Guidelines.

The bishops of Florida issue homeschool guidelines for the entire state...but are these guidelines in conformity with natural and divine law?


-Lansing, MI diocese finalizes its draft on sacramental guidelines for homeschoolers.

A major change was noticed between Lansing diocese's draft and its final version - with the change being one for the better for Catholic homeschooling families.

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See below
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History of Homeschool Debate

Puzzle Pieces

These two pages are both a continuation and an expansion of Keeping It Catholic's original "Homeschool News" page. None of the links from the original page were deleted - just moved to one of the following:

Starting with the NCEA survey, our History of Homeschool Debate page offers you a chronological timeline, articles and links (both on and off site) to understand current issues in Catholic homeschooling.

Puzzle Pieces features information and observation pertinent only to Catholic homeschooling. Some info from the original "flash" page like "Priest Resigns from TORCH" and "Rome Didn't Deny It" has been moved to Puzzle Pieces.

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